About Karachi

Karachi is a bustling metropolis of over 20 million people. located on the southern coastline of Sindh Province next to the Arabian  Sea. It is the industrial and commercial hub of Pakistan with several industrial zones, an International airport, two seaports and rail and  road linkages to the rest of the country. With several renowned universities located in the city, Karachi is a major Centre for  education and higher learning in South Asia and Muslim world. The city is full of of shopping surprises with enchanting  sights and sounds of amazng bargains. Most hotels, restaurants and many shops accept credit cards. Pakistan standard time is Green wich Time (GMT) +5 hours. The electrical  supply is 220-240 volts.

About NED University

NED University is the oldest engineering Institution in Pakistan. It offers Bachelors, Masters and  Doctoral Degree Programs. The university is known for producing high quaity graduates and for its service to the nation. It has become a place of excellence in Pakistan in higher education and scientific research. These are the results of sustained efforts the university has made over the years towards faculty development, and creativity and innovation. Various seminars and conferences are held every year which not only provide practical exposure to the students but also a platform for academia - industry collaboration. 


About IEP

The institution of Engineers Pakistan (IEP) was established in 1948. It is the premier national body of engineers working for the advancement of Engineering Profession. It has headquarters at Lahore and centers in all major cities of Pakistan as well as in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Tri States (New Jersey, New York and Connecticut) & Bahrain. lEP has signed  technical   collaboration agreements with more than forty professional Engineering Organizations across the globe. IEP is also the member of six international / regional engineering bodies and has the honour to represent Pakistan at these forums. IEP Karachi Centre is the biggest centre of IEP. Karachi Centre has been organizing International Civil Engineering Conferences for two decades. It has organized 11 conferences, the last being in 2020. Eleventh International Civil Engineering Conference will be a 2-day event jointly organized by IEP Karachi Centre and NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi.